Privacy Policy

To protect your privacy and personal information, La Malva & Leisure s.n.c, in accordance with the articles 13 and 14 of the EU Privacy Code (679/2016) confirms that:

The software has a personal license and therefore access is only possible for the owner of the La Malva & Leisure snc license, no third parties can access without our approval and password or license number.

Upon arrival at ourapartments you will still have to allow to the processing of your data by signing our form.

The processing of your data on our Ericsoft Hotel 4 software takes place for the following purposes:
or to fulfill the obligation pursuant to Article 109 of Regulation 18.06.1931 No. 773, which requires us to register and communicate the details of the hosted clients to the local public security authority;
or to fulfill current accounting and tax obligations;
or perform the function of receiving messages and phone calls to you or your family / or your group and contact you for calls or emergency messages;

Once the accounting and public security obligations have been fulfilled, all your personal information entered at the moment of booking on our sites thanks to the Ericsoft Hotel 4 management program will be saved on our computers stored in the apartment in Piazza San Giovanni della Malva 7 for a period of time necessary for the purposes for which your data have been collected or subsequently processed.

The person concerned has the right to object, in whole or in part, to the use of the personal details which concern him, with legitimate reason which concerns the purpose of their initial collection and to the use of personal details which concern him with the aim of sending publicity or direct sales material either for the fulfillment of market research or commercial communication.

Requests referred to in the previous point may be submitted in writing to:
La Malva & Leisure s.n.c.

Piazza Ippolito Nievo 1
00153 Roma
Tel. +39 0664562698